New firmware update for the EC software engine products

New firmware update for the EC software engine products
We are very happy to announce a new release of the firmware for all our current digital products, version 2.16 of the EC Software Engine. This version is supported on the EC Living series, ECI6DX, ECI 6 DX MKII, ECM 1 and ECM 1 MKII.
This software will be installed automatically on all internet connected units. 

Firmware 2.16 release notes:

  •  WiFi network timings.
  •  Connection stability between master and slave speakers.
  •  Qobuz stability.
  •  Optimised Library database performance.
  •  Change display names of all models to reflect new marketing data.
  •  Internet Radio provider.
  •  Occasional peeping noise from Tana L2.
  •  Mute does not work on ECI 6DX when playing back from Spotify.
  •  Can't re-enter password when adding library sources with username/password if incorrect password is used.
  •  When subwoofer is connected, crossover frequency and highpass frequency should come from the subwoofer.
  •  Deleting a library share should remove the user/password credentials.
  •  ECM 1 crash when caching album art from internal disk.
  •  Rena S1 noise is heard from Analog output if S/PDIF output is on while post-processing is enabled.
  •  In gapless mode, on the last track in playlist, intra-file seek to end of track does not generate stop event.
  •  Cannot add a track to play queue to play next in last 10 seconds of current track.
  •  Artwork is not shown in the web interface for some library albums/artists.
  •  SMB mount can fail when Apple Mac screen off.
  •  When .dsf and .aif files are added the duration of the track is shown as 00:00.
  •  Bluetooth playback stops after a period of time.
  •  Re-scanning library does not detect changes in file size or modified time.
  •  Zip files on network shares slow library scanning.
  •  Transition to next track fails in gapless playback when seeking to the end of the track