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Internet Radio

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ECM 2 Network media player


Description and solution

Internet radio issue

Dear Electrocompaniet clients and partners.

As some of you may have experienced, we are having issues with the radio streaming on our ECM 2 Network media player. This is due to a change from the radio provider in the way data is sent to our units, and the way we receive radio information.

What we thought was just a maintenance upgrade, turned out to be a complete re-design of the whole service and the way the service communicates with our devices. All this was done without us being informed or warned.

These changes are so substantial that we need to completely re-design the software inside our units to accommodate a different radio provider. This will take a while as the programming, review and test process for implementing new software is a rigorous one.

We will send out information as soon as the new software is released. The units will be updated automatically when connected to the internet. Please note that this only affects the radio function. All other listening options are 100% functional. 

Temporary solutions

In the meantime, we offer you some work-arounds to enjoy radio on your EC product. 

First, find and download a radio streaming app for your phone or tablet on Google Play or Apple.

Here are a couple of suggestions:


IHeart Radio

Replaio Radio

You can also find local and country-specific radio streaming options. You can also find your favorite radio station directly on internet and start the stream from there.

Work around

If you have an Android-based phone or tablet, some radio streaming apps offer the possibility to share the radio stream with your favorite dlna/upnp streaming app. You can even save your favorite radio station as a “playlist”, meaning from now on you can start the radio station directly from your favorite streaming app.

For example: Start TuneIN and find your radio station. Then press “share” and choose Bubble Upnp as the app to share the stream with. You can then choose the network unit of your choice in Bubble UpnP with “select renderer” and listen to your radio steam through your WIFI network.


We hope this is acceptable short solution.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience, and we are working hard to solve this issue as soon as possible.