New Firmware update of the EC Living Tana product

New Firmware update of the EC Living Tana product

July 18th 2019 Electrocompaniet released a new version of the firmware for EC Living Tana products, version 2.4.

All internet-connected units will be updated automatically. An update can also be initiated form the APP.

There is also an downloadable version for offline updates available Here 

Please also note that this updates requires the new app, “EC Play” available for download on iOS App Store and Google Play with a brand new interface.


The following enhancements have been made:

  • Fix Tidal crash
  • Enable DLNA renderer
  • Enable UPNP server
  • Add search fields
  • Fix playlists
  • Add AAC to Bluetooth
  • Fix SPDIF detection
  • Fix Album art glitches
  • Fix Bluetooth pairing from slave speaker
  • Fix Airplay A/V sync
  • Fix “Long range-Short range” sync error
  • Fix webinterface "lost connection with speaker" when switching tabs.