Custom Radio stations

Procedure for manually adding internet radio stations 

There are two methods to manually add internet radio stations, you can use the EC Play app or use the Web interface. The latter is in most cases the easiest, as it’s easier to copy and paste using a computer. Search the WEB for stream URLs (addresses) and logos.


Please note: old favourite radio stations are no longer active and should be removed.

Finding stream URLs

If you don’t already have the stream URL you can find most stations here:  Use the search field in the top right corner: 

  • As an example, searching for the Norwegian NRK stations gives the following results: 
  • Click anywhere on the desired station and you go to a new page where you will find the stream URL. Copy this over to EC Play, or the web interface: 


  • Both mp3 and acc streams are supported. This page also displays other info, like in most cases URL for the Icon, which you can copy over to the EC Play app or web interface. Please ensure there are no leading spaces before the http://



Using the EC Play app: 

  • From the main menu navigate to the radio section, then enter the “Custom” tab: 
  • Then enter the name, URL (web address), and optionally the logo of the station you want to add: 
After pressing “Add” you will now see the station in the list. You can edit by pressing the 3 small dots on the left, if needed.
Consider adding the station(s) as a Favorite, as the favorites are more easily accessible in the app and web interface.

For Tana and Rena: The radio stations can be designated to any of the 3 favorite buttons on the remote control (for those who have this), in addition to 1 favorite that can be started by touching the On/Off button on the top of the unit.

Using the Web Interface:

• First enter the IP address of you Electrocompaniet speaker/streamer in the address bar.
         o You can find the IP address in the network section of the EC Play app
• Then navigate to the Internet radio section.
• In this section click “NEW CUSTOM RADIO”.

• Enter the details and press “OK”.



  • Then new custom station will now appear in the “CUSTOM” section: