ECI 6DS firmware update instructions

(Last update 26.06.2013)

Download the update file

The ECI 6DS has two sets of firmware update procedures depending on which firmware to update. The main firmware is updated using the ECT 4 remote control from Internet or from a memory stick


To update the main software from internet or memory stick please proceed as follows:

    1. Connect ECI 6DS to the internet using wired or wireless ethernet.
    2. Turn on ECI 6DS and make sure that the power will not be interruptet during the update procedure.
    3. On the ECT 4 select Receiver Settings from the source list (Press Home button to get to the source list).
    4. Select Software, and then Update.
    5. Select Memory Stick or Internet and press Enter.

      For updating from a memory stick: Download the update file

      The software update will now start and you will see the progress on the ECT 4. This might
      take several minutes


      Firware Version       
      Features description

      ·         Play queue - Play Queue function allows to add audio tracks (up to 250) from UPnP and USB source for playback by ECI6DS

      ·         Seek2Time - seek to arbitrary time positions inside a track, available for USB and UPnP playback – only on WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC

      ·         Gapless play - seamless uninterrupted playback of audio tracks.

      ·         Resume/ set path - Restore of play and browse path of the streaming unit. Supported for sources USB, UPnP, vTuner, Favorites. Tuner presets, Favorites, find back to streaming path, browsing back to playing item.

      ·         Fast Forward/ Rewind - Fast forward and rewind for tracks streamed from memory stick or UPnP.

      ·         ALAC - Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC)  *.m4a. AIFF - Apples audio file format for PCM , (pendant to WAV). Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) *.aiff, *.aif, *.aifc