This page contains release images which can be used to perform a full re-install of your system. This procedure will completely restore your system to the factory-default, erasing all user preferences.



Installation instructions  

1. Download the appropriate image above. Make sure to choose the correct model, and select the desired version.

2. Format an USB stick with FAT32. Refer to this following guide. On newer Mac systems, please make sure to select “Master Boot Record” as scheme.

3. Copy the downloaded file directly to the USB stick. Make sure that the file is not located in a folder.

4. Insert the USB stick and shut down the system you wish to install.

5. Power on the system whilst holding the RESET button. This causes the system to enter the recovery mode.

6. When the red led is ON (Front panel), release the RESET button. The system is now in recovery

7. Hold the RESET button again. After 10-15 seconds the red led should now start blinking rapidly, indicating that it is recovering from USB.

8. After several minutes, the system will automatically restart. The USB stick can now be removed.