ECM 2 firmware update revisions

3.5.0 ( 4th of Ocober 2017):

This release offers much improved YouTube functionality, and contains a few bugfixes.



 - A YouTube account can now be connected to access subscriptions and playlists.

 - YouTube has now been re-organized, with new categories and navigation.



 - Some radio stations would not play

 - Movie details were not scraped properly



3.3 (23rd of December 2016):



    - Now showing 'busy' indicator while loading Wimp/Tidal/Qobuz tracks.

    - Qobuz: Improved speed when browsing albums and songs.

    - More advanced WiFi statistics are now shown in the settings menu.

    - The settings menu and initial setup can now be controlled from the app.



    - ECM-2 freezes if playback from Qobuz or TIDAL is activated from the app when the screensaver is shown.

    - The system sometimes hanged on a blue screen after upgrading.

    - The initial setup was occasionally spontaneously activated.



    - Several videos failed to play.

    - Most of the categories fail to list the videos.


 Library and scanning:

    - Could not add Windows 7 library sources when "Tun on password protected sharing" was selected in Windows.

    - The list of genres did not change when changing music source and then updating library.

    - Tracks are not added to music library in some cases.

    - Albums are not sorted correctly when the track number is not in the filename.

    - "Poster.jpg" files were not recognised during scanning.

    - Library movie items were not rescanned when they have missing metadata.

    - Pressing "Scan Library" twice did not trigger another movie scan.

    - Library scan crash on certain albums/music files.

    - Metadata autocompletion from folder/file structure was at times unsuccessful.

    - Metadata with multiple artists was not always handled properly.

    - Music library scan gets stuck on certain albums


TIDAL (Wimp):

    - The sound quality was not lowered according to subscription.

    - Playback aborted when the playqueue contains unplayable tracks. These are now skipped instead.

    - Adding a big playlist to the queue made the system unavailable for a while.

    - Playing a video showed the incorrect now playing icon on the app.

    - Disabling the stream from TIDAL/Wimp setting didn't revert to the login page.

    - Not all EC Favorite categories successfully listed music.


    - While playing Spotify, the metadata on bottom bar occasionally disappeared.

    - Playqueue screen used track number for position, not playlist position.

    - Builtin media source should be unremovable from the app.





3.2 (12th of August 2016):

 - Hotfix release that resolves the issue of not being able to perform a full factory reset.

3.1 (18th of April 2016):

 - Playback stability to prevent stuttering of tracks.
 - Vastly improved web-interface

 - Movie covers, artist thumbnails and Tidal video thumbnails had disappeared
 - ECM 2 disappears from Spotify's picker menu after wakeup from standby
 - When manually entering text for an album, it was ignored at times
 - The splash screen had disappeared
 - Attaching a harddisk when the system is active did not properly start the SMB and NFS servers
 - The internal disk did not seem to spin down, or continuously spins up and down.
 - Username/password keyboard now contains caps and special icons
 - UPnP info now shows correct model and model URL
 - After a full reset of the system, the "Karaoke" genre was presented
 - Adding source without internet connectivity causes thumbnails to be empty forever
 - USB disks sometimes did not get mounted
 - Codec image for aiff files was not shown
 - Most of the Youtube categories failed to list the videos
 - ... and a host of other minor fixes!

3.0 (15th of June 2015):

The third major release for the ECM 2, adding support for two new streaming services:



With a premier in Hi-Res music streaming! Qobuz and Electrocompaniet are the first to bring 192kHz/24bit streaming, sharing the philosophy of guaranteeing the finest audio experience.


Spotify Connect

The service we all know. Perfect for casual listening to curated playlists, artist radio, or your choice of over 30 million tracks.


Following is a list of other improvements and bugfixes in this release.


- Radio station name is now shown together with the station info

- Settings order of accounts is changed

- Account settings are added to the initial setup

- Better detection of Samba and NFS sources

- The playback source is now shown in the bottom bar

- Audio playback reliability and latency

- Speed of Wimp and Tidal navigation



- Sporadic issues in connecting to Windows and OS-X Samba sources

- Fixed "could not perform post installation script error" upon every update

- The system would sometimes refuse connections from the app at startup

- Connecting to windows SMB shares sometimes failed

- Wimp password keyboard dialog stated "Please enter Tidal password"

- Wimp did not handle "track not ready for playback"

- Crashes with play/pause sequencing on "Now Playing" screen in the app

- Hangs on switching to track with different format

- Crashes on playback of some internet radio stations

- Movie trailers did not work

- YouTube did not work

- No loading indicator when loading categories in YouTube

- Wimp and Tidal info screens were not populated

- Occasional playback stutter of high-resolution tracks during navigation



2.6 (13th of November 2014):

New features:

- Support for DSD files in DSF format

- Tidal - a premium lossless music service now available in the U.S. and U.K.

- Music videos in Wimp and Tidal



- View new Wimp albums by genre


Numerous small bugfixes


2.5 (27th of August 2014):

Hotfix release, with the following fixes:

- YouTube playback no longer functions

- Software date was sometimes wrongly returning 1st of january 2000.


2.4 (9th of July 2014):

New Features:

- Added support for Wimp, a premium lossless music streaming service.

- Improved support for asian fonts.



- Now remotely control Internet radio and YouTube.

- Can now adjust lip-sync whilst watching a video.

- Better translations.

- More accurate metadata gathering from online sources.


Bug fixes:

- Network settings were displayed incorrectly at times.

- Could not stop playback of internet radio via app.

- Stutter when internet-based tracks were changed.

- When a new harddrive is inserted, it was not added to the library correctly.

- Calling "show play queue" in the video library did not bring up the play queue correctly.

- Playing movie and then switching input did not stop playback properly

- Network configuration did not work reliably

- When in listview and playing an album, the view switched to tile view

- "Choose art" did not function properly for movies and series


2.3 (11th of April 2014):


- YouTube playback was broken


2.2 (31st of March 2014):


- Library screen occasionally crashed

- System is not found by remote control app after startup

- Episodes of a series in a subfolder were not added correctly

- Actors and directores were not scanned anymore



- Internet radio now shows a busy dialog when opening a stream

- Remote control mute button is ignored when volume keys are ignored

- Password input is hidden by default

- Web interface now runs on standart port 80


2.1 (2nd of March 2014):

New features:

- Context menu hotkeys, for more efficient navigation

- Low-power standby mode, which decreases power consumption but increases startup time

- Support for Wake on LAN

- Video output is now muted instead of turned off.

- Group movies by director



- Redesigned dialog for add shares

- WiFi speed and stability is improved

- Bit rate display for Internet Radio Stations and MP3 files

- Info dialogue skin redesign


Numerous bug fixes:

- Internet radio stations sometimes spontaneously change

- Buttons in software update dialog can not be selected

- Playing all albums of a certain artist or genre does not order by album

- After removing a source from the library, the system still scans that source

- Empty albums are reported in the library info page

- Sometimes "view:tiles" is displayed instead of video in home menu

- Audio Buffering is broken for ALAC files

- Pressing next/previous when at the end/start of the queue gives an error



2.0 (15th of December 2014):

First major update which includes many new features and improvements.