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Electrocompaniet has a legacy of over 40 years in the industry, producing world class HiFi products. Or rather,” Fine audio instruments”, as we like to call them. They are recognized by discerning audiophiles, enthusiasts, industry professionals and some of the world´s major recording studios and have been so for over four decades. That is a legacy we are extremely proud of. The incredible Electrocompaniet success story that began over forty years ago with our 25W amplifier, widely hailed as being the very best in the world has grown into Electrocompaniet of today, the leading Norwegian manufacturer of high quality audio equipment. Our products have been designed to bring you the most rewarding musical experience possible in your own home. All our world-class CD-players, streamers, LP players, amplifiers and speakers are designed and manufactured in our state of the art facilities here in Norway and then exported to more than fifty countries throughout the world.


Dr. Matti Otala presented a paper describing a distortion that he termed Transient Intermodulation (TIM).


PRE I  MC Preamplifier launched


ECI 1 First Integrated Amplifier launched


Our legacy


ECI 3 Integrated amplifier launched


ECI 5 Integrated amplifier launched


AW 3x120 Stereo Poweramplifier launched

We are proud to build it ourselves

Every system is produced in our cutting-edge facilities on the west coast of Norway. Unlike other manufacturers, it is not only the design and assembly but also the complete production of the parts and components that is performed here. Producing the entire system right here in Norway allows us to ensure the highest possible quality.

The Electrocompaniet Classic Line has a timeless yet distinctive aesthetic. The design is simple, clean and understated whilst maintaining a thoroughly modern flair. The Classic Line’s design ensures that it is equally at home in a contemporary New York apartment as in an English castle, and of course anything in between. Good design doesn’t age, and we are confident that the Electrocompaniet Classic Line will be just as relevant in thirty years’ time as it is today.

We make amplifiers, record players, DACs, CD-players, music streamers and speakers in the Classic and EC Living product lines, and all products are proudly made in Norway. EC products are sold by authorized distributors and dealers in 50 countries around the world.


ECC 1 CD Player launched


PSB 1 Bookshelf speakers launched


Prelude Line launched

Michael Jackson and Electrocompaniet.

How is it possible for some guys from a small Norwegian HiFi manufacturer to get their names on one of the best selling albums of all times?

Because it is a fact that Electrocompaniet AS got a Special Thanks for their technical support on the album HIStory by Michael Jackson.

The background for this is Michael Jackson’s long co-operation with the legendary composer and producer Quincy Jones and the recording engineer Bruce Swedien.

world's best selling album

Michael Jackson: Thriller

This co-operation goes all the way back to 1978 when Michael did his first film “The Wiz” with Diana Ross. Quincy Jones was arranging the film's musical score and Bruce Swedien was the recording engineer. This was the first project they did together and the next one was the album “Off the Wall” that really started Michael’s solo career. After this Michael and Bruce Swedien worked together on albums like Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible.

Much by coincidence and personal relationships Bruce Swedien agreed to test some amplifiers from Electrocompaniet. A pair of amplifiers where brought by plane (huge luggage overweight) to his Larrabee Studio on Lakershim Boulevard in Studio City in Los Angeles.

Bruce Swedien got immediately captured by these amplifiers that he thought was the best this side of tube-amplifiers - in his own words “this amplifier changed my life” – After this he has insisted on using Electrocompaniet amplification on all his recordings. This was in 1991 and Bruce had then just finalized the production of Dangerous – which gave him a Grammy for ”Best Engineered Album”. On the next recording with Michael Jackson which was HIStory, amplification from Electrocompaniet was used all the way through the production. This was a dramatic recording that started in Los Angeles, but after the earthquake in 1994 the recording was moved to HitFactory in New York City.

When making the cover for HIStory Bruce Swedien wanted to send a thanks to his Norwegian Friends – the big chiefs in the recording company were not in favour of this. By chance Michael was in the studio this day and he decided this by saying “it’s got to be that way”. And this way Electrocompaniet AS, Per Abrahamsen, Nils B. Kvam and Trond Braaten got their names on one of the best selling albums in the world.

Bruce Swedien


Factory tour