AW 400 monoblock power amplifier
AW 400 monoblock power amplifier

AW 400 monoblock power amplifier

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The Electrocompaniet AW 400 is a really powerful monoblock amplifier that sounds both fast, clean, full-bodied and inherently musical. It has a dynamic, free-flowing grip on the music signal, delivering naturalness and ease no matter the signal level.

The AW 400 is based on the design philosophies of the highly acclaimed AW 180M, being a turbocharged version of the latter, if you will.

State-of-the-art components and uncompromising sonic and mechanical quality makes the AW 400 a natural cornerstone in a truly discerning high-end music system.

Its amazing stability down to a staggering 0,5 Ohms means it can drive whatever speaker load you choose to throw at it with an ease that is hard to find anywhere else.


All measurements are made at 120V / 240V //50Hz / 60Hz
Amplifier section
Clipping point of the preamplifier is set to a level where total harmonic distortion
(THD) is 0.2%
Input Impedance (Fixed) 330 kohm
Output Impedance (20 Hz-20kHz) < 0,01 Ohm
Frequency response (DC - 65 kHz) - 3 dB
Input level for rated output 1 V RMS
Max. peak current > 150 A
THD(measured at 1 kHzhalf power,8W) < 0,006 %
THD (measured at 1 kHz -1 dB, 8 W) < 0,007 %
(measured with both inputs shorted)
400 Hz - 30 kHz : 130 µV
DC - 30 kHz : 200 µV
Rated output power  
8 ohms 400
4 ohms 765
2 ohms 1010
Power consumption (no load or signal) 230 W

358 mm /

14.1 inches


470 mm /

18.5 inches


261 mm /

10.2 inches

Weight 25 kg. / 55 lbs.

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