PI-2D Integrated Amplifier with DAC
PI-2D Integrated Amplifier with DAC

PI-2D Integrated Amplifier with DAC

The Electrocompaniet PI 2D is a powerful entry-level integrated amplifier with a built in DAC.  This way you can connect all your digital sources directly to the PI 2D and get away with fewer boxes and cables. The 24kHz/192 bit DAC and the modern technology in the PI 2D ensure that the music from all your sources will be reproduced with the best possible quality.
The PI 2D has five digital inputs: two Coax, two Toslink and one USB.Analogue sources can be connected by one balanced XLR input and four single ended RCA inputs.
In the development of PI 2D the focus has been to maintain the operating principles and sound quality of the classic line amplifiers and at the same time reduce manufacturing costs. To achieve this we have utilized modern surface mount technology (SMT) and optimized the amplifiers for our modern SMT production line. 
All functions are controlled by the remote control and the selected source is clearly visible on the large display.

Technical Data Conditions  
Input impedance Single-Ended/Balanced  60/120 kOhm
Output impedance   < 0.03 Ohm
Noise floor 20 - 20 kHz < - 130 dB
Frequency response - 3 dB 1 - 225 kHz
Channel separation  1 kHz > 120 dB
THD + N  20 - 20 kHz < 0.005%
Maximum peak current   > 50A
Damping factor 8 ohm load >300
Rated output power THD = 0.2%  
into 8 ohm   2 x 100 W
into 4 ohm   2 x 165 W
into 2 ohm   2 x 220 W
Dimensions W x D x H 424 x 337 x 90 mm
     16.69/ 13.26/3.54 inches
Weight   10,3 kg / 22.7 lbs
Power consumption No load or signal 90 W
Maximum sample rate/bit length   192kHz/24bit
     2 Channel Balanced (XLR)
     8  Single Ended (RCA)
 SPDIF    2 x Coax, up to 192 kHz/24 bit
 SPDIF   2 x TOSLink, up to 96 kHz/24 bit
 USB   192 kHz/24 bit asynchronous
Control ports   None
Outputs   Loudspeakers

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