TANA L-1 Add-on speaker
TANA L-1 Add-on speaker
TANA L-1 Add-on speaker
TANA L-1 Add-on speaker

TANA L-1 Add-on speaker


The TANA L-1 is an add-on wireless loudspeaker to our EC Living line. It can be used to enhance the other models and create a HiFi or home cinema system. It is really not just a loudspeaker.
It is the result of mixing timeless Scandinavian design with forty years of experience and technology in pursuit of perfect music reproduction. It is true to our principles and philosophies. Where many other compact systems use electronic Class-D amplifiers and simple equalizers, we make use of analogue  Class-AB amplifiers and sophisticated signal processing.  In the end, music really matters.

The TANA L-1 is a WiSA certified speaker. 


• Any EC Living streamer such as TANA SL-1 Speaker and Streamer.
• PC, Mac, Linux , Apple iOS or Android device on the same network.



• 150 Watt Class A-B amplifier
• DAC 192kHz/24bit
• 32-bit floating-point DSP


• Stiff aluminium enclosure
• Two way bassreflex speaker


• 96 kHz/24bit wireless speaker connection



• H250 x W178 x D178 mm
(H9.85 x W6.98 x D6.98 inches)

• Weight: 6 kg / 13.23 lbs

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Stereo setup

Combine the TANA SL-1 with the TANA L-1 to create real HiFi sound in stereo. Bring music to the bedroom, kitchen, the home office,
living room – or any other room.


On its own it is a perfect companion to bring music to the bedroom, kitchen, the home office, living room – or any other room.



Our free app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices offers easy access to all features and settings of the system.
It allows you to command your system, set it up and control it.

New HIGH-END amplifier

An improved 150W Class AB amplifier inside a new strong, stiffer case makes the TANA 2 the best sounding speaker in its class, with an Electrocompaniet's signature sound included.

High performance custom made speaker elements

The loudspeaker elements have been carefully designed by us to optimally perform in this specific system. From the ground up, they are optimised to work with as little space as possible and in conjunction with the DSP.



Adding a SIRA L-1 to a system lets you play your music deeper, louder and tighter. You can feel and hear the added weight of bass
drums, and the added punch.

Connect and work seamlessly with other WiSA Certified products.

Simply connect the WiSA certified Axiim Link Transmitter to your audio and video sources, place the WiSA certified EC Living speakers where you want, plug them in and you’re minutes away from enjoying immersive, hi-definition, wireless audio.